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Zwinger vom Roten Wald
Kennel of the Redwood Forest

Welcome to Vom Roten Wald
German Shepherds
Bred to the World Standard

Please take time to enjoy each page of this website. We hope that you find it valuable
in your search for information relating to German Shepherd Dog!

 2015 Northwestern Regional Show
Paris vom Roten Wald
SG 2 Young Dog Class
Photo by Brian Aghajani

Rekitta vom Roten Wald
SG 2 Youth Class

   Photo by Brian Aghajani

Upcoming Litter!
V Aladin vom Bergsmannsland and V Oda von Avenir

Puppies are due around June 30th


Our Next Litters for 2015

Faro vom Zeltweg with Tosca vom Roten Wald. Puppies due August 12th.
Faro vom Zeltweg with Nathalie ze Slomkowa. To be bred August/September.

Please see our
  Litters page  for details!

Our Dekitta!

 Dekitta, one of our breeding females, had a C section/spay in February 2014. During the surgery something went wrong and she was paralyzed in the rear.  She is still making improvements but needs treatments through acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, swim therapy, supplements,  bedding and other rehabilitation aids.
To read more about how she has progressed so far,
please visit 


Other Dogs for Sale!

We occasionally have adult for sale and we also have many trusted friends from around the world
who have quality dogs for sale for pet, show, protection and sport. Please contact us for more information.


  • Family companion
  • Schutzhund, IPO
  • Agility
  • Search and Rescue
  • Family Protection

Contact us to see how you can reserve your special puppy.


Karen and Wallace Wolff   

Call:  510. 651.8140

Vom Roten Wald German Shepherdsa page with interesting articles on dog health and trainng also with pictures and updates of our dogs.

We are committed to producing the finest quality of dogs. Dogs who are excellent in conformation, have a sound temperament, good working ability, good hips and elbows and good overall health.

Yessica vom Roten Wald   (Cenzo/Gypsy)


        Member of:

        United Schutzhund Clubs of   
        America (USCA)

        Verein für Deutsche
        Schäferhunde  (SV)

        GSDCA-Working Dog    
        Association  (GSDCA-WDA)

        Menlo Park Schutzhund Club                                 (MPSC)

Dallas (Alice) vom Roten Wald  (Eiko/Dekitta)